Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Tough shot

I saw it was quite clear so drove out to a local little dead-end country road that I found recently. I set up my telescope in the reasonably dark skies there and took one of my most impressive pictures yet, it was a 9 minute exposure on my new Canon EOS 350D, guided by manually trying to keep a star on the crosshairs while looking up and kneeling on a mat. It was back-straining work but I was very pleased with the result. But when I came to pack up I saw full-beam headlights coming down the road, the car passed, they looked at me and it turned around as I hastily tried to put all of my parts in the boot. Two hard looking men in a old beaten up Sierra. What did they want? What were they doing? I soon packed up and drove off while they waited feet from my car! So... here is the resulting shot. Worth it I think. It's of a part of a supernova remnant called the Veil Nebula.

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