Sunday, 5 October 2014

Little Planet of Waveney Mountain

I went to a local hilltop near the student residences in order to try and get a 360º panorama of the sky with my Canon 18mm lens, on a moonlit night. 'Waveney Mountain' is named after the former residences, which are themselves named after a local river and 'mountain' is a little joke among folk round here. After loads of practice with Hugin, a long pause (a few months) and several attempts at stitching the pictures last night, I have finally got something I'm happy with. I had to manually choose the control points that each pair of neighbouring images shares, and there was still a problem with a black wedge appearing in the place of one of the images. Hugin is great for remapping the pictures onto a stereographic projection but doesn't quite get what looks right, so I got it to remap the problem picture and pasted it in myself in Photoshop. A quick bit of clone brush to fill in the panorama gaps that I'd inadvertently missed and here's the result. Now I can do this, I'm tempted to get a nodal ninja tripod and a wider angle lens. Astrophotography can so easily be quite a costly hobby, but this was pretty inexpensive and a great idea to test out during moonlit season.