Sunday, 24 September 2017

Another shot at the I.S.S.

Apologies for being away for a year and a half! The gaps between my blog posts have been growing wider and wider. In the meantime I've been running an astronomy society. I thought my first post back would be to see if this year's attempt at catching the ISS is any better than the Feb 2016 one. Same tech, ZWO ASI 130MC camera at f/10 on 8" SCT manually driven. It is very hard to follow the thing at the best of times, but the camera also has the problem of a rolling shutter, which makes it really unsuitable to capturing fast moving objects. This is especially true for stacking purposes. I therefore corrected the best 10 shots, by de-skewing them, and making sure they were taken within a few seconds of each other. July 27th 2017 pass over UK.

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