Sunday, 14 June 2015

Saturn heading South

While the rings are nice and open like they were in 2003, this time round, Saturn has moved South, Causing it to glide through the murky, churning atmosphere from UK. There are several ways to get better pictures of Saturn: wait until better seeing and persist with the best equipment possible, wait 8 or so years, move to Australia, set up a telescope on board a plane, install a sodium laser at the observatory and use adaptive optics on the primary mirror, be Christopher Go, or give up and use Hubble's pictures.


siddharth sivakumar said...

OMG! saturn moved south. That creates a churning in my stomach. Will there be any disturbances in our earth atmosphere? will it result in apocalypse in future? Here there is an interesting theory on Dark matter too.

Dr Dan said...

Funny! No Siddharth, it was my poetic way of describing Saturn's wobbly appearance low in the Sky!