Saturday, 5 June 2010

Outcast shockwave

In the deep blue summer midnight sky, we were panning around the Veil Nebula using the 20-inch, which is a superb telescope for this sort of visual application. Using my wide field 20 mm eyepiece and a Lumicon UHC (Ultra High Contrast) nebular filter, the strands of nebulosity from this supernova remnant were standing out from the twilight background. After looking at the weird ethereal strands around 52 Cygni, we moved across to NGC 6992 and 6995 on the opposite side and followed this arc as far as possible. I came across what I thought was a faint blob well separated from the rest and was curious to confirm whether this was real or just my imagination. So I stuck the Canon onto the scope. I keep the focuser locked in position for the Camera and slide the eyepiece in and out for visual focus, so this was very quick. I got a few 30” pics and stacked to reveal this lonely, outcast piece of supernova remnant.

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